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Medium RF power ISO15693 protocol HF tag reader
Royalray Technology launch  RR9 series of Medium RF Power ISO15693 protocol HF Tag Reader.Product includes RR9001,RR9002A,RR9003A,RR9091,RR9092A,RR9093A,RR9091T and so different model.
RR9 series of reader-based design completely independent intellectual property rights .With the proprietary label of the most secret decoder core processing algorithms. Maintain a high literacy rate in the same time achieving the e-label deal with the fast read and write, over 1watt RF output power,tag processing speed 30~50 pcs/s .SMA interface can be directly assigned to the standard 50-ohm antenna  RFID,over 70cm effective distance,Support scan mode transparent mode of operation order.Address able multi-antenna port, dual-mode.
RR9 series of high-power reader products,can be widely used for logistics, personal identification, channel management systems,access control systems, security systems into the production process control, and many other RFID applications.