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ISO15693 RFID-style,mobile multi-protocol format readers
Recently Royalray  Technology launch RR9 series of ISO15693 RFID-style,mobile multi-protocol format readers,include RR9036SR、 RR9036USB、  RR9036CF、RR9037SR、RR9037USB and so model. RR9 series of reader-based fully propietory intellectual property advanced tag. processing .ISO/IEC15693 agreement with the full support of the mainstream electronic label(TI、PHILIPS、EM 、ST 、INFINEON 、FUJITSU)to achieve cost-effective electronic label deal with the rapid read and write, built-in antenna ,over 10cm effective distance ,optional RS232,USB,CFII and so many interface, support scan mode, reader network and transparent mode of operation order.
RR9 series of ISO/IEC15693 RFID-style,mobile multi-protocol format readers produce can be widely used to personal identification, access control systems, security systems into the production process control, and many other RFID applications.